I graduated!

5 days in a week.  5 days I went to radiation.  10 changes into a gown.  10 CT scans.  10 doses of radiation (am I radioactive yet?? [cue the song by Imagine Dragons])  10 dressing changes. 4 radiation techs. 4 doctors. 2 medical assistants.  1 medical physicist.  A graduation certificate (yay me!) and a free t-shirt (all about the free stuff…right???) And 1 more check mark in my treatment.  Today was my final day, and I am done with radiation!

Other than throwing a little kink in the day, radiation is not horrible.  It doesn’t hurt.  It makes you severely fatigued.  It is inconvenient.  Lucky for me, I had the AH-mazing staff at Arizona Center for Cancer Care on my side.  The staff is soooo friendly and consoling when you have a bad day (which I did on Tuesday).  Susan was my main radiation tech and we chatted every appointment and she took my mind off of what was going on. I am very blessed to have met her and so glad she took care of me!  She rocks!  All the doctors and the rest of the staff were also so friendly and caring.

I met with my medical oncologist on Tuesday (love him!) and will continue to move forward with a long term plan for treatment with Tamoxifen for a minimum of 5 years.  I pray I never have to go through this again.  Ever.

Thank you to all who have texted, prayed, brought a meal, or just thought about me and my family throughout this week.  I am forever grateful and we are truly so blessed!

Now, I have to go lay down….zzzzzzz….

“He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.”  Psalms 103:3

One thought on “I graduated!

  1. Love this report!!! You rocked this, girl! You are so positive! I hate the fact that u have had to go through it – but what a journey you will be able to share with others! Hope u get that much needed rest. Love u…and hope to see you very soon.💕

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