My New Normal

What a Good Friday it was!  My Oncotype test score was low and I don’t have to have any chemotherapy!  Whoo Hoo!  Made our day for sure!  Took away the anxiety from having the device implanted for radiation as I know I can get through this step of my treatment.

On Friday, March 30th, the SAVI device was implanted so I can begin radiation.  Here is a link if you want to see what it is and what it does:

It is a very odd feeling to have this device in my chest, but doesn’t really hurt, more uncomfortable.  It is hard to sleep as I can’t lay on my right side, can’t lay on my left side, so try to prop myself up a little to try and get comfortable.  Gonna be a long week!

However, I will soon be completing this step of my treatment and I can soon get back to my new normal.

As I was sitting at church on Easter with my family and friends, our awesome worship team played one of my favorite songs, “What A Beautiful Name”.  The words of the song really spoke to me as I feel like this is my new life now, my resurrection, my new found strength.  My new normal.

This next few weeks will be very challenging with radiation starting today.  I will have radiation Monday-Friday this week at 8:50 and 2:50 every day.  Please pray for me especially this week as I am administered radiation and next week as my body recovers and rests from the effects of radiation.

On Tuesday, I meet with my medical oncologist to review everything and start on Tamoxifen…dreading this already!

Bring on day 1 of 5 of radiation!  I am ready to get this over and get my life back to my new normal!

Thanks so much yet again for all your support and prayers!  I feel surrounded by lots of love!

“I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live.”  John 11:25